5 Types Of Acoustic Treatments You Need To Know About

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While you may have popularly heard of the term acoustics only about theatres or concert halls, the term finds bearing in your homes and offices too. Acoustic quality in any given room or space refers to the quality of sound in that particular space. It refers to just how crisp, clear, echo-less, and reverberation-less sound is in any given space.

The acoustics of a space isn’t decided through the bearings of nature, and rather they depend on the quality of materials used in building a room or a space. To improve the acoustic quality of a space, there are several acoustic treatments that one can put into place, and five such acoustic treatments are mentioned below:

1. Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are essentially a popular acoustic treatment designed to absorb sound waves. They are similar to their function in bass traps, however, they are considerably thinner and lighter than the latter. They do not work as well with low-frequency sounds, however, they can significantly upgrade the acoustic situation in any given space by limiting echo by dismissing the reflection of sound.

2. Baffle ceilings

Baffle ceilings are another acoustic treatment that is specifically designed to hang from the ceiling in a space instead of being placed on a wall. They are also sometimes known as ceiling clouds, and in addition to their high acoustic ability, they work especially with spaces that feature high ceilings. You might have noticed them in a modern kitchen or as a centerpiece in a modern lounge, however, would have failed to recognize them for what they are.

3. Acoustic pin boards

Acoustic pinboards are similar to their functioning with acoustic panels, however, they have an added layer of felt on top of them that slightly increases their absorption quality. These come in pre-cut squares of different colors, and their recurring design and ability to act as a pinboard makes them ideal for classroom settings. Schools should actively look for acoustic pin boards as they can double as notice boards and are also popularly used in recording studios.

4. Diffuser panels

While those mentioned above three acoustic treatments are made to absorb sound, diffuser panels are made in fact to diffuse sound. While sound absorption tends to dampen the overall occurrence of sound in a given space, sound diffusion helps in limiting echoes without making the room sound too quiet. These are three-dimensional panels that stick out at different angles and hence scatter sound waves in different directions.

5. Fiberglass insulation

Fiberglass insulation is yet another acoustic treatment designed specifically for those spaces that are looking for soundproofing solutions. They limit sound bleeding from one room to another and work in ways similar to acoustic panels, baffle ceilings, and acoustic pinboards. These are added as insulation inside walls during the process of a structure getting built.


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