Ticketing FAQ


If you would like to camp on site, please purchase a festival + camping admission ticket. If you would like to park your car next to your camp site, please purchase a parking spot for on site camp parking HERE >>>

1 Car Campsite means you can park 1 car on your camp spot.

2 Car Campsite means you can park 2 cars on your camp spot.

3 Car Campsite means you can park 3 cars on your camp spot.

When you select your festival admission + camping pass, please select "camping near car" to indicate that you will be arriving in a car and parking near your camp site.

Only 1 person in your group needs to purchase a parking pass for the car that you will arrive in.

If you do not plan to camp near your car, please select "Tent Camping" to indicate that you will not be arriving in a car and parking in the camp site.

RV passes are also available for purchase. Everyone arriving in your RV needs to purchase a festival admission + camping ticket. Only 1 RV pass needs to be purchased per RV. If you are arriving with additional cars, you must purchase a RV Companion Parking Pass to allow additional cars to park next to your RV.

Please contact help@flavorus.com if you have any questions or concerns!

  • Can I upgrade my ticket from GA to One Love Experience?

    If One Love passes have not sold out, you can upgrade in advance by calling (323) 908-0607. You can also upgrade the day of the festival (if not sold out) at the One Love Experience upgrade booth. See festival site map for location.

  • I ordered my tickets to be shipped to me. When will I receive them?

    If you select “Standard Delivery”, typically you will receive your tickets in 2 weeks. However, Standard Delivery times are approximate and delays can happen.

  • Why can’t I have my tickets shipped to an address other than my billing address?

    To help prevent fraud, tickets are only shipped to your billing address.

  • How can I avoid ticket fraud?

    The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to buy directly from our official ticketing partner, Flavorus. If you buy resale tickets, make sure you to get them from a friend or trusted source. DO NOT PURCAHSE TICKETS FROM SCALPERS. If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away with no refund provided.

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  • Will you be posting set times in advance?

    Yes, set times will be posted on the website a couple days before the festival and will also be on the festival guide that is pass out upon entrance.

  • What will the temperatures be like during the day and at night?

    CLICK HERE for the festival weekend forecast.

  • Can I pass out flyers inside or outside?

    No, please don’t litter.

  • Are bikes allowed?

    No, please do not bring your bike.

  • I have a medical marijuana card. Am I allowed to medicate? 



Parking & Shuttle FAQ


  • Do I have to take a shuttle from the off-site parking into the venue?

    Yes. All GA attendees will be required to take a shuttle into the venue from our offsite parking location. The shuttle ride time from the offsite parking to the GA entrance is approximately 15 minutes. Shuttles will be readily available to minimize wait times. Please see the parking/shuttle map for specific locations.

  • Is purchasing a GA parking pass required?

    Yes. You are required to purchase a parking pass in advance. Have the parking pass clearly displayed when you enter the parking areas to be scanned upon arrival.

  • If I did not buy a parking pass in advance can I purchase day-of?

    If the event is not sold out you’ll have the option to buy GA parking onsite for an increased price.

  • What about One Love parking?

    If you purchased a One Love pass you’ll have access to our One Love parking lots located inside the venue. This will allow closer access to the festival site and One Love entrance.

  • If I’m a One Love pass holder, will I be required to take a shuttle?

    Yes. One Love pass holders will still be required to take a shuttle from the One Love parking lots to the One Love entrance. Dedicated shuttles for One Love pass holders will be readily available. The shuttle ride time from the One Love parking lots to the One Love entrance is approximately 5 minutes.

  • Is there any on-site parking available?

    Yes. If you’re camping you can select the “Camping + Car” option, which allows for your vehicle to be parked adjacent to your campsite inside the location. If you purchase a One Love pass you’ll be allowed to park onsite in our designated One Love parking lots. CLICK HERE




Camping FAQ


  • Is camping for Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday?

    Camping is for the nights of Friday 9/25 and Saturday 9/26. All campers must vacate the premises by 11am on Sunday 9/27.

  • Can we park our cars next to our tents?

    Yes. With the purchase of Camping + Car you’ll have the option to select one car, two car, or three car spots.

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  • My friends are arriving late. Can I hold their camping
    spot next to mine?

    Tent-Only campsites are assigned on a first-come, first serve basis. You cannot hold a campsite for someone – no exceptions. We advise that you and your friends arrive together if you wish to camp next to each other.

  • Are we allowed to sleep in our vehicles parked with our
    Camping + Car site?

    No. Camping in your vehicle could pose a serious health risk and is strictly prohibited.

  • Will there be a general store in the camping area?

    Yes. A general store will be open during the entire time the campgrounds are open.

  • May I bring my own personal grill or cooking appliance?

    You may bring a small propane grill. No charcoal grills or open flames are permitted.

  • Are there showers in the campsite?

    Yes. The campground will offer showers, restroom facilities and potable water.


Festival FAQ


  • The Basics

    Rain or Shine, no refunds or cancellations. Everyone and all items are subject to search upon entry and at any time inside the venue. Line-up and set times are subject to change.

  • How old do I need to attend One Tribe?

    One Tribe is 18+. Admission only with valid photo ID checked at the gate. No valid photo ID = NO ENTRANCE

  • When does One Tribe start and end?

    On Friday 9/25 campers will be allowed to arrive & check-in starting at 12pm. On Saturday 9/26 gates will open at 2pm with music beginning at 3pm One Tribe ends at 2am on Sunday 9/27. You will be asked to leave immediately following.
    Campers will be allowed to return to their campsites. Campers may NOT start their vehicles or leave the campsite area until 6am on Sunday 9/27. All campers must be off-site no later than 11am on Sunday 9/27.

  • Am I allowed to exit and re-enter the festival grounds?

    There will be no re-entry allowed. If you must leave you will not be allowed to come back into the festival.

  • Will there be lockers at One Tribe?

    Yes. Please refer to the festival site map for locker locations

  • Am I allowed to bring in empty water bottle or camelbak?

    Yes. And we’ll have free water re-fill stations. You will be allowed one (1) empty camelbak or non-glass water bottle. Must be empty upon arrival at the gate.

  • I have special dietary/medical needs. Will my special items be allowed in?

    Outside food and drink is not allowed at One Tribe. However, if a patron has medical dietary restrictions, items will be allowed if accompanied by a doctor’s note. You’ll be asked to present the doctor’s note to security upon entry. A patron requiring insulin is allowed to bring his or her medically necessary materials and medications provided all medicine has a prescription label with the patient’s name. For further assistance please email info@onetribefest.com

  • Where is the festival located & how do I get there?

    Check out the directions page to learn more.

  • Will there be parking on-site and how much will it cost?

    Yes. Please visit the ticketing page to purchase parking passes. No tailgating allowed in any of the parking lots.

  • What do I need to know about the shuttles taking me from the parking/fairgrounds into the festival site?

    GA parking and the shuttle pick-up location to transport you into One Tribe will be located at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds (18700 Lake Perris Dr, Perris, CA 92571). Be sure to purchase your parking pass in advance as its required to enter the parking lots. After a security search and credential check you’ll board the shuttle for a 15 minute ride to the festival entrance. The same location that you’re dropped off to enter festival site is where you get picked up to return to your vehicle at the fairgrounds parking. For a more information visit the “location” page.

  • Where can I stay if I’m not camping?

    Check out our hotel packages Click Here for some great rates.

  • Will there be food at One Tribe?

    Yes!! We work hard to make sure the food sold at One Tribe is unique, indigenous and not the usual festival fair. Come hungry!

  • What should I know about alcohol?

    Of course, you must be 21+ to drink. ID stations will be on-site to verify ID’s and provide credentials for those of drinking age. We will have designated areas for alcohol consumption. You will not be served if you’re under 21, don’t have a valid photo ID proving age, or if you are intoxicated.

  • What about ATMs on-site?

    There will be ATMs on-site, both near the box office and inside the festival.

  • Will there be a lost and found at One Tribe and where?

    If you lose something (or someone), please come to one of the info booths and we’ll do our best to assist you.

  • Do you have info, medical, and first aid stations on-site?

    Of course! We make every effort to create a safe environment at the festival. To ensure this, we have security and medical staff working throughout the grounds, as well as several clearly marked medical tents and information booths in centralized locations.

  • I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What do I do?

    Please contact info@onetribefest.com and we’ll get back to you at our earliest opportunity.